(Noir) Blow the candle

(Noir) Blow the candle
This photo is my first for the “Noir” series inspired by my current song obsession of the same title by South Korean artist, Sunmi. The song talks about how far people go for likes and follows even if it means losing their true selves, or worse, putting themselves or others in dangerous situations. We’ve seen stuff like this on Youtube and other social media platforms that sometimes led to people involved getting hurt or even ending in fatality. It always has me thinking, “Is having a massive following really worth all that?”

Check out Sunmi’s song here and take the jump for photo credits!

HAIR: Intrepid by Stealthic at Collabor88
BLOUSE: Angela Blouse by UNA at equal10
SOCKS: Honey Socks by friday (White River Farms VIP group gift)
BOOTS: Charlie Boots by friday at Belle

BACKDROP: Kitchen Backdrop RARE by David Heather at The Arcade
CAKE: “DOLCE” Birthday Cake by ROIRO
TABLE: Flavia Dining Table by BIGBULLY
CHAIR:  Plastic Chair by Sari-Sari

I like pandas and unicorns. How about you?

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