(Noir) Blow the candle

(Noir) Blow the candle
This photo is my first for the “Noir” series inspired by my current song obsession of the same title by South Korean artist, Sunmi. The song talks about how far people go for likes and follows even if it means losing their true selves, or worse, putting themselves or others in dangerous situations. We’ve seen stuff like this on Youtube and other social media platforms that sometimes led to people involved getting hurt or even ending in fatality. It always has me thinking, “Is having a massive following really worth all that?”

Check out Sunmi’s song here and take the jump for photo credits!

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Let’s Talk Business

Let's Talk Business

BLAZER | David Heather – Kang Blazer @ Shiny Shabby March
PANTS | GizzA – Jogging Suit Sweat Pants – Pink
SHOES | Livalle – Chyna – Lace up Platform Boots
PURSE | Una – Kitti Purse – White @ Shiny Shabby March
EARRINGS | Kunglers – Margarita Earring – Pearl @ Shiny Shabby March
HAIR | Elikatira – Desta 
Epoque – Essential Liner – Thick III
EYELINER 2 |  Pekka – Metalic under eueliner – White
EYELASHES | Redgrave – Elemental & Natural
LIPSTICK | Nox. – Faded Lip – Pink
TEETH | PXL – OpenMouth pro
HANDS | Slink – Avatar Enhancement Hands
NAILPOLISH |  Alme – The Nudes Light
EYES | IKON – Promise eyes – Hazel
EARS | Mandala – Simple Ears – Hutuu

I wish that I could be like the cool kids

I wish that I could be like the cool kids_001
I wish that I could be like the cool kids_002

hair: TuTy’s | Tuty – Limbo
ears: Mandala | kikunosuke Eel – Steking
hands and feet: Slink | Siddean Munro – Avatar Enhancement Hands and Feet (Natural)
top: ClaVv. | Pierre – Grunge Long Tee (KUSTOM9)
sandals: Erratic | Erratic Rain – Valena (Uber)
hat: ClaVv. | Pierre – Widehat Black (Busy Autumn Gacha @ KUSTOM9)
necklace: Kunglers | Ava Kungler – Thereza necklace (Jewelry Fair 2014)
watch and bracelet: Mandala | kikunosuke Eel – Billionaire
eyewear: Le Primitif | Yani Tryce – Ichi Shades
phone: ClaVv. | Pierre – Executive Phone Call (Busy Autumn Gacha @ KUSTOM9)

pose: MORPHINE | Hadaluna Daines – You Inspire Me


hair: xin | superjaix – Sehun (group gift)
ears: Mandala | kikunosuke Eel – Steking
hands and feet: Slink | Siddean Munro – Avatar Enhancement Hands and Feet
top: ClaVv. | Pierre – Grunge Long Tee (KUSTOM9)
bottom: not so bad | Reda Bertolucci – Edwin (TMD)
shoes: David Heather | Gianni Broda – Ricardo Oxfords (TMD)
watch and bracelet: Mandala | kikunosuke Eel – Billionaire
scarf: ClaVv. | Pierre – Long Scarf Black RARE (Busy Autumn Gacha @ KUSTOM9)
eyewear: SORGO | Arscene Dubrovna – Issa
bag: ClaVv. | Pierre – Vintage Music Student Totebag (Busy Autumn Gacha @ KUSTOM9)

pose: Le Poppycock | Olivia Lalonde – One in a million (TMD)

High Maintenance

High Maintenance_001
High Maintenance_002

hair: FIORE | – Roux (NEW)
hands: Slink | Siddean Munro – Avatar Enhancement Hands
top: ryvolter | Inna Bilavio – Leoni Leather Crop (Resort Collection 2014)
skirt: ryvolter | Inna Bilavio – Eniko Leather Midi Skirt (Resort Collection 2014)
boots: Bax | Bax Coen – Regency Boots
bag: David Heather | giannibroda – Bally Bag
eyewear: La Malvada Mujer | Faina Cortes – The sun is coming
jewelry: Mandala | Kikunosuke Eel – Kilimanjaro
dog: Sweet Distractions | mtwtfss71 – Darla
pose: Isomotion | Isoldel – Eva 5 (modified using Label Motion arm modifiers)

Nothing but a reject…

Nothing but a reject _ body

Have you ever stopped and wondered how many times you have worked hard to impress other people yet it’s never good enough? You exert effort, stress yourself out… only ending up disappointed that things didn’t go the way you hoped it would. You feel like a failure and wonder what it is about you that people don’t like. Am I too plain? Am I not doing the right thing? Before you know it, you fall into this negative state of mind wherein you are convinced that no matter how hard you try, you are nothing but a reject. I’ve been on that boat quite a few times and it wasn’t exactly a festive Disney cruise. I felt uninspired and wanted to give up. The passion that was once burning inside of me was slowly dying.

Although it is difficult, it is helpful to be able to recognize the right people who you should keep by your side. People who would catch you when you fall, encourage you to try again, and give you a good beating when your feet start to float too high above the ground.

When all else fails, step aside and find another perspective. Get a breath of fresh air…

Nothing but a reject _ face

Be it Second Life or the real deal, remember that you should do things because you love doing it, because it makes you happy. A successful career and a hefty paycheck is nothing if you do not enjoy your work. There is nothing wrong with trying to please others because the feeling of “being accepted” is something needed by human beings in order to grow emotionally. However, it is not possible to please everybody. You will have haters, doubters calling you ugly, fat, stupid, and/or other negative adjective they could think of… and that’s okay as long as you are happy with who you are, you enjoy doing what you are doing, and not harming somebody else. No matter what, DO NOT lose yourself in the process of pleasing others. Stay true, do your thing, and leave the rest of the work to the universe… ❤


skin: ATOMIC / Ivy Graves – Innocence
hair & headdress: LODE / Chirzaka Vlodovic – Madame
eyebrow: Femme Fatale by Chic Zafari / brittanny – Eyebrows Couture – Snow
eyeshadow: La Malvada Mujer / Faina Cortes – The Way of Shadow #2
lipstick: Chic Zafari / jonyaranda – Dark Range – 09
top: David Heather / Gianni Broda – Escouade Top
skirt: David Heather / Gianni Broda – Escouade Skirt
boots: Severed Garden / Berta Avro – Saxa – Dull
earrings: Finesmith / Yula Finesmith – The Last Tears
gloves: Miamai / Monica Outlander – Rilla Satin Gloves – White

birdcage: !Ohmai / Anya Ohmai – Tweeter Companions (Hair Fair 2014 gift)

pose: -slouch- / Eira Juliesse – pose290