Sungyoung Jang

| Blogger | Photographer | Model |

I AMSungyoung is very much active in the fashion industry as a blogger, photographer, model and instructor in the virtual world called Second Life. She has been blogging fashion, animations, home & garden and events since June of 2012. Most recently, Sungyoung has been using her blog as a means to document her roleplay adventures as well.

“Sungshine”, as endearingly called by those close to her, considers herself semi-retired in the modeling industry. She prefers to work backstage for shows, being on the other side of the camera as a photographer and focusing on her self-titled blog

She is currently affiliated with the following organizations:

  • Ferosh: Art & Fashion
    COO and Assistant Editor
  • Ferosh Fashion Institute
    Education Director, instructor and mentor
  • [ETNIA]
    Store Manager

| Roleplayer |

Ahreum Song, 5th Year GryffindorSung is also an avid Harry Potter fan which pushed her to roleplay at Mischief Managed – Second Life’s dedicated Hogwarts roleplay community. She plays the character of Ahreum Song, who is currently in her Sixth Year and proudly belongs to the House of Gryffindor. Ahreum is a prefect and an Owl Post member.

You can learn more about Ahreum through her wikia page: Ahreum Song MM SL Wikia.


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