The Capricorn Mermaid Dress from Adore & Abhor is a classic! The dress is shimmery and features a mermaid cut bottom with a very feminine silhouette up top (note that the bust area is slightly larger than Standard Sizing). It is a rigged-mesh, so please make sure that you have a mesh capable viewer before purchasing. It was originally released for Zodiac: Capricorn but you can now pick it up in-stores in more color variations. You won’t be needing shoes because the alpha layer hides the whole lower half of your body. For those of you who feel like being a little risque, there is a naughty version which reveals a whole lot more cleavage.


The gloves are also 100% rigged mesh from *BOOM*. It is based on Standard Sizing and comes with a full perm alpha texture which comes in handy for editing alphas for that perfect fit. I was debating whether or not to wear it and I ended up rezzing it as a prop.

I am still a bit slow with blogging than normal but I hope that you would bear with me as I sort a few things out. Hopefully, I will be back to my normal schedule soon. ^_^ Annyeong!


skin: .:Mother Goose’s:. ║ milok Hermit – Sia – (A)1

hair: >TRUTH< ║ Truth Hawks – Jade – Walnut w/roots

eye makeup: .:Glamorize:. ║ Micalia Darkrose – Back to Basics – Moontouch

lips: [mock] ║ Mocksoup Graves – Glasside Lip – Petite Orchid

dress: Adore & Abhor ║ Airedine Poe – Capricorn Mermaid Dress – Garnet

undershirt: The Sea Hole ║ Drinkinstein Sorbet – LaceBack Tank – Lucky Penny

gloves: *BOOM* ║ Aranel Ah – Dame Elbow Gloves – Black Leather

pose + ottoman: oOo Studio ║ Olaenka Chesnokov – Ottoman (group gift)


I like pandas and unicorns. How about you?

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