My Seven SL Facts Meme

My Seven SL Facts Meme
I am not really good with blog challenges and memes but I thought I’d do Strawberry Singh’s “My Seven SL Facts”

My SL Fact #1: 

I can be a bit of an impulsive buyer (fine! a lot). It is a bad habit that I am trying to break.

My SL Fact #2: 

I am not that good with socializing. I have a ton of awesome people on my friends list but I feel too shy and awkward to IM them.

My SL Fact #3: 

I kind of want to learn how to make something but I don’t know where to start.

My SL Fact #4:

Most people think Jang is my first name which is no big deal.

My SL Fact #5: 

I love cosmetics and I do think we need more than 5 tattoo layers.

My SL Fact #6: 

One thing I hate the most is editing lashes. It frustrates me.

My SL Fact #7:

Most of my time in-world is spent dressing up and taking photos… alone in my skybox. (See Fact #2)

These memes are actually kind of fun and I will try to do more. ^_^ Thanks for starting this, Berry! ❤

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Little Gold Dress

I normally am lazy when it comes to editing my blog photos but these past few days, I have been taking my time to actually edit them decently.

The gold dress I am wearing is AMERICAN BAZAAR‘s item for the You’ve Been Tangoed Hunt. As the hunt name implies, all hunt gifts are for those who wear Lola’s Tangos. You will be looking for an orange and all hunt items are priced at 1L$. For a list of participating stores, click here. For hunt hints, click here. Hurry ‘coz it ends on May 27!!

Little Gold Dress

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Inventory Organization 101

Inventory Organization 101

Just a week ago, I managed to win the battle between myself and my super messy inventory. It was a total chaos and I thought I would never get it done. Decluttering your inventory not only decreases load time but will also help you discover things that you thought you never had! There are tons of inventory organization posts out there but I’m gonna share with you how I did mine.


A place where you can rez objects and with less distraction.


This is not necessary but it’s nice to know your starting count to see  how much progress you have made. To do this, open your inventory window and start typing anything in “Filter Inventory”. Doing this should display your item count above your inventory window. As soon as it’s done loading, take note of the number so you can compare it when you’re done.


Right click on “My Inventory” and select “New Folder” from the list. Now rename this folder “To Sort” or anything you want. Drag all the items that you need sorted out into this folder so you can have a clean starting point. Continue reading “Inventory Organization 101”