Mad World

You still have a few more days to submit your photos for The Fashion Teller House’s casting (deadline is on February 16). There are three (3) given themes (Mad World, Death, and Heaven & Earth) and you can choose to do one or do them all.

I chose Mad World which is an obvious choice since most know that I am crazy about anything post-apocalyptic. If you are interested in casting, check out The Fashion Teller House public casting press release here: ❤


hair: ploom | Inge
jacket: xin | Apocalypse Jacket
shorts: TokiD | cocoro shorts
scarf: Deathrow Designs | Scarf
socks: Randomocity | torn bloody sock
prosthetic & boots: Deathrow Designs | Post apocalyptic prosthetic
mask: Tonktastic | The Respirator
backpack: Deathrow Designs | Zombie Apoc Backpack RARE
satchel: Deathrow Designs | Survival Satchel Female
machete: Z-Day | Classic Machete
rifle: Z-Day | M24A2-R Sniper Rifle

location: Outbreak

New Folklore

I almost forgot that I promised to share my styling credits on a blog post for my Ferosh New Folklore photo. Well, here you go ladies! ❤

FEROSH - New Folklore


hair: Argrace / Rika Oyen – Haruka – dark brown
hands: Slink / Siddean Munro – Avatar Enhancement Hands
feet: Slink / Siddean Munro – Avatar Enhancement Feet
headdress: Soedara / Marbella Pronovost – Tariqa – black
jacket: REMY / Rosario (theregular) – Vale – FleurDouce – blue
skirt: REMY / Rosario (theregular) – Aida – Blood
tassels: REMY / Rosario (theregular) – Beau Tassels – gold
leggings: Izzie’s / Izzie Button – Patterned tights – mosaic
shoes: Enfant Terrible / L’enfant terrible (leenfantterrible) – Wayfarer sandals – black/gold
handbag: TokiD / Maya Toki-Doki (Maya Levane) – Elephant Bag – light

pose: slouch / Eira Juliesse – pose287 (modified using Label motion pose modifiers)

November Snow

I can feel that winter is coming! : ) BCC released mesh padded coats recently to welcome the cold weather. It comes in blue, sky, green, mint, peach, pink, purple, and yellow. Throw in some warm leggings or jeans and you’re all set to play in the snow! I paired it with the new .evolve. ombre patterned mesh jeans. There are 6 colors to choose from – berry, blush, horizon, sand, sky, and twilight. Each purchase comes with 5 rigged mesh sizes based on standard sizing. Demos are available in store so be sure to try before buying. Keep in mind that you will need a mesh enabled viewer to see products in mesh.

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For the warm welcome, gomawoyo!

For the warm welcome, gomawoyo! 2

Hi everyone! I am Jang Sung Young, a returning Second Life resident. A lot of people get confused with my name – you can call me “Sung Young” or “Young-ee”.

It has been a year and a half since I stopped and I am so glad that I decided to come back. You are probably wondering what made up my mind (or probably NOT) lol. Anyway, let me tell you how I wound up with that decision. One boring day, I was in front of my computer entertaining myself by watching youtube videos. Suddenly, I felt the urge to check out Miss Strawberry Singh’s blog and BOOM! When I saw her “Mesh Rant” post, I knew that I wouldn’t want to miss all the mesh hype. I thought about it for a few more days and finally caved in. I do not regret coming back, especially since I received a very warm welcome from other SL residents who are on Plurk (which I also sorta owe from Miss Berry).

I would like to thank everyone for welcoming me and accepting me into your timeline. Jeongmal gomawoyo! I hope that we will have the chance to get to know each other better.

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