Mad World

You still have a few more days to submit your photos for The Fashion Teller House’s casting (deadline is on February 16). There are three (3) given themes (Mad World, Death, and Heaven & Earth) and you can choose to do one or do them all.

I chose Mad World which is an obvious choice since most know that I am crazy about anything post-apocalyptic. If you are interested in casting, check out The Fashion Teller House public casting press release here: ❤


hair: ploom | Inge
jacket: xin | Apocalypse Jacket
shorts: TokiD | cocoro shorts
scarf: Deathrow Designs | Scarf
socks: Randomocity | torn bloody sock
prosthetic & boots: Deathrow Designs | Post apocalyptic prosthetic
mask: Tonktastic | The Respirator
backpack: Deathrow Designs | Zombie Apoc Backpack RARE
satchel: Deathrow Designs | Survival Satchel Female
machete: Z-Day | Classic Machete
rifle: Z-Day | M24A2-R Sniper Rifle

location: Outbreak

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