New Folklore

I almost forgot that I promised to share my styling credits on a blog post for my Ferosh New Folklore photo. Well, here you go ladies! ❤

FEROSH - New Folklore


hair: Argrace / Rika Oyen – Haruka – dark brown
hands: Slink / Siddean Munro – Avatar Enhancement Hands
feet: Slink / Siddean Munro – Avatar Enhancement Feet
headdress: Soedara / Marbella Pronovost – Tariqa – black
jacket: REMY / Rosario (theregular) – Vale – FleurDouce – blue
skirt: REMY / Rosario (theregular) – Aida – Blood
tassels: REMY / Rosario (theregular) – Beau Tassels – gold
leggings: Izzie’s / Izzie Button – Patterned tights – mosaic
shoes: Enfant Terrible / L’enfant terrible (leenfantterrible) – Wayfarer sandals – black/gold
handbag: TokiD / Maya Toki-Doki (Maya Levane) – Elephant Bag – light

pose: slouch / Eira Juliesse – pose287 (modified using Label motion pose modifiers)

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