Surf’s Up!

*BOOM* released the Lolas Tango appliers for the Ellio Bikini and I have to give credits to Ara because I am pretty sure this took a ton of her time since Ellio comes in a wide range of color and design options (nice one, Ara!). I also appreciate the support notecard included, giving some tips on how to use appliers and how to edit clothing layers. It is my first time wearing mesh breasts and I was clueless at the beginning (that’s what I get for not reading instruction manuals ^_^) but I managed to figure out how it works. Some may experience problems like clothing layers being too obvious underneath the breast layer and what I did was play with the position and size of my mesh boobies to get that perfect fit. If you are prone to breaking things like I am, do not forget to make copies!

Surf's Up!

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The Arcade [March 2013] #1

The Arcade [March 2013] #1

The Arcade finally opened yesterday, March 1, much to the delight of everyone who has been waiting for it. As usual, the designers participating did not fail us because there are tons of awesome gacha goodies waiting for you. I am wearing some of the items you can get from playing the gacha machines: skirt from The Sea Hole, nails from Nylon Outfitters, floral headpiece from *BOOM*, roller skates from The Secret Store, and skin from : ) BCC. The Arcade will be open till the end of this month and if you are feeling artsy then be sure to join the Photography Contest.

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The Capricorn Mermaid Dress from Adore & Abhor is a classic! The dress is shimmery and features a mermaid cut bottom with a very feminine silhouette up top (note that the bust area is slightly larger than Standard Sizing). It is a rigged-mesh, so please make sure that you have a mesh capable viewer before purchasing. It was originally released for Zodiac: Capricorn but you can now pick it up in-stores in more color variations. You won’t be needing shoes because the alpha layer hides the whole lower half of your body. For those of you who feel like being a little risque, there is a naughty version which reveals a whole lot more cleavage.

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