I See the Light

I See the Light

Nervous but excited. That perfectly describes what I felt when we were told that they will commence administering COVID vaccines in a week or two. After months of fighting what seems to be an endless fight, we finally can see a glimmer of light through what most are dubbing “hope in a vial”. And yes, though the uncertainties of what it may bring is terrifying, I have decided to take a leap of faith if it means protecting my loved ones and not having to live in anxiety and fear. Yes, I am seizing this opportunity to put an end to this nightmare. After months of struggling in darkness, I see the light.

P.S. Huge thanks to my annoying twin, Taylor Wassep, for this gorgeous scene!

HAIR: Yaska by monso at C88
DRESS: Bella Offshoulder Onepiece by ::{u.f.o}:: at Kustom9

POSE + SCARF: Blissful Winds I by WetCat at ACCESS
LANTERNS + TORII GATE: Floating Lantern Festival by taikou at Kustom9

I like pandas and unicorns. How about you?

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