I See the Light

I See the Light

Nervous but excited. That perfectly describes what I felt when we were told that they will commence administering COVID vaccines in a week or two. After months of fighting what seems to be an endless fight, we finally can see a glimmer of light through what most are dubbing “hope in a vial”. And yes, though the uncertainties of what it may bring is terrifying, I have decided to take a leap of faith if it means protecting my loved ones and not having to live in anxiety and fear. Yes, I am seizing this opportunity to put an end to this nightmare. After months of struggling in darkness, I see the light.

P.S. Huge thanks to my annoying twin, Taylor Wassep, for this gorgeous scene!

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Dance with me – gogobebe by MAMAMOO

4Min by Sync’D Motion made up of 6 smooth, upbeat dance animations is perfect for the strong woman who is not afraid to unleash a bit of her sultry side. This is why I immediately thought of MAMAMOO, a South Korean girl group, who, for me, is the embodiment of the modern, independent woman. As I was watching the dance animations closely inworld, their song “gogobebe” came to mind. The movements fit the song superbly with its mixture of sexy body waves and hip movement and hip-hop moves.

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Sunshine (1)

More Pose Fair 2013 goodies coming your way! Don’t forget, you only have till April 14th to drop by and stock up on poses and props. Check out Seraphim’s Pose Fair 2013 post!

The stunning parasol I am holding is from [HANDverk] and if you are having a hard time looking for it at the Pose Fair sim, it is inside {.::exposeur::.}‘s booth who made a bunch of pose sets for it. I have seen a lot of parasols and umbrellas all over the grid but so far this is my favorite because of it’s intricate details. There are more colors to choose from and also a male version (so guys, don’t feel neglected).

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