Soul Sisters

I want you all to meet my soul sister, Eva. I have been bugging her for months to have a picture taken but RL’s been crazy for both of us.

Everyone needs a friend who will be there for her in good times and bad. Someone who won’t be afraid to tell you the painful truth if that’s what it takes to make you a better person. I am so glad to have stumbled upon her path coz not only did I gain a friend, I gained a family. ❤

Soul Sisters

Lazy credits since I am about to head out RL. My dress is from The Secret Store (C88), fur stole from ryvolter (C88), hair from Tuty’s, headpiece and jewels from from Donna Flora. Eva’s dress is from Volstead, feathered choker from Eclectica, jewelry from Earthstones, and hair from Dura. The pose is called Vintage Vogue from MotionLess. Happy weekend everyone! \o/

4 thoughts on “Soul Sisters

  1. I love the pic, sweetie! And, you’ve made me cry… mascara is a hot mess. I’m so very proud of you, and thrilled to be here watching as you reach new heights, yet still remaining the sweet grounded person that you were when we first met. You are so inspiring, and you are my sister in every sense of the word. Huggs!! ❤

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