GizzA is debuting their Winter 2014 Voyage collection with the Dandy outfit. It is a very chic ensemble with a sharp jacket, dramatic scarf, and mid-split skirt that emphasizes the legs. Dandy comes in a variety of colors shown in this photo (click link). It is interchangeable and you can also pair it up with other pieces of clothing you own, giving you numerous ways to style it. The outfit already makes a statement itself so I accessorized with simple pearl earrings and a ring from Donna Flora. I wish everyone started their week right! ❤


outfit: GizzA ║ Giz Seorn – Dandy – Dark

jewelry: Donna Flora ║ Squinternet Larnia – Princess Pearl

nails: Candy Nail ║ Peche Bury – French Nails – White

lipstick: Overhigh ║ Marry Lemur – Della – 3

Soul Sisters

I want you all to meet my soul sister, Eva. I have been bugging her for months to have a picture taken but RL’s been crazy for both of us.

Everyone needs a friend who will be there for her in good times and bad. Someone who won’t be afraid to tell you the painful truth if that’s what it takes to make you a better person. I am so glad to have stumbled upon her path coz not only did I gain a friend, I gained a family. ❤

Soul Sisters

Lazy credits since I am about to head out RL. My dress is from The Secret Store (C88), fur stole from ryvolter (C88), hair from Tuty’s, headpiece and jewels from from Donna Flora. Eva’s dress is from Volstead, feathered choker from Eclectica, jewelry from Earthstones, and hair from Dura. The pose is called Vintage Vogue from MotionLess. Happy weekend everyone! \o/

From China, with love

From China, with love

Charltina’s is taking part in the Love Donna Flora fundraiser and one of the outfits you can pick up is this beautiful Cheongsam Dress. If you don’t know anything about the event, head on over to their website or read my previous post. There are tons of people posting letters/messages for Squinternet and I hope that each one of them puts a smile on her face amidst the difficult time she is facing. Her creations are adored by many, proving the undeniable fact that she is one of SL’s most talented creators.

Hair Fair 2013 is approaching its end so be sure to drop by and get your favorites before the door closes on the 28th. You know what Closing Day means, right? Yes! It’s also Bandana Day! It’s the day were we take our crowning glory off and wear the bandanas purchased at the fair. On a sad note, please be careful before joining groups that says they are affiliated with the Hair Fair 2013 team. There is currently a scam going on where they require you to pay a fee to get into the group where they would send out demos and gifts.

Happy shopping and have a blissful weekend! ❤

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