Peace of Mind

I am probably not the only girl who takes a long bath when she feels stressed out, right? It’s been a busy week for me and I am actually glad to have these “alone” moments where I can just sit there and free myself from worries. There’s something about the sound and feel of water that soothes and calms me like it’s telling me “everything’s gonna be okay”. Whenever life is too much for me to deal with, I lock myself in the bathroom, put on some music, and lose myself. My bathroom gives me peace of mind.  How about you?

Peace of Mind


hair: TRUTH ║ Truth Hawks – Dee

skin: Curio ║ Gala Phoenix – Jasmine 2

eyes: IKON ║ Ikon Innovia – Ascension Eyes

lashes: GA ║ Gael Streeter – Mysteria

tub: LAQ Decor ║ Winter DePrima – Clawtooth Bathtub

I like pandas and unicorns. How about you?

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