I am back from my short vacation and although I hated the fact that it passed by so quickly, I consider myself lucky for even having the opportunity to take a time off of my crazy life. Life is too short to complain. Why not cherish every moment instead?



skin: Curio ║ Gala Phoenix – Jasmine 2 – Pure 3

hair: Liquence ║ Villena Swansen – F2 (NEW)

eyes: IKON║ Ikon Innovia – Ardent Eyes – Hazel

eyeshadow: MONS ║ Ekilem Melodie – Eyeshadow Clubber – gold

lipstick: MONS ║ Ekilem Melodie – lipgloss sun – dark red

nails: MANDALA ║ kikenosuke Eel – Female Short Nails

dress: BAIASTICE ║ Sissy Pessoa – Arya – Black (faMESHed)

necklace: A&Ana ║ Anastazja Brimm – Passion Fruit (TDR)

bangles: A&Ana ║ Anastazja Brimm – Passion Fruit (TDR)

Peace of Mind

I am probably not the only girl who takes a long bath when she feels stressed out, right? It’s been a busy week for me and I am actually glad to have these “alone” moments where I can just sit there and free myself from worries. There’s something about the sound and feel of water that soothes and calms me like it’s telling me “everything’s gonna be okay”. Whenever life is too much for me to deal with, I lock myself in the bathroom, put on some music, and lose myself. My bathroom gives me peace of mind.  How about you?

Peace of Mind

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Zaara released sparkly sequin bikinis just in time for summer. In the real world, I’m that girl who instantly covers up as soon as she gets out of the water so this gorgeous sheer cover up is a must have for me! Also reminding everyone that if you haven’t dropped by Summerfest ’13 yet, you should hurry because the event will be ending in a few hours. Enjoy the sun! ❤


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My shoes will get wet…

I was hanging out with Vero when it suddenly poured! We were running to get back to the house but when we reached the stream, she stopped and told me “My shoes will get wet…” I was close to leaving her behind 😛 but being a good friend, I offered to carry her across instead.

My shoes will get wet...


skin: Curio ║ Gala Phoenix – Jasmine 2 – Pure 3

hair: >TRUTH< ║ Truth Hawks – Delia – Walnut

eyes: IKON ║ Ikon Innovia – Ardent Eyes – Hazel

lipstick: MONS ║ Ekilem Melodie – Lipgloss – Mellow

eyeshadow: MONS ║ Ekilem Melodie – Eyeshadow Clubber – Bronze

shirt: erratic ║ Erratic Rain – Mindy Tshirt – Awkward White

skirt: Miseria ║ Miseria Danes – Daisy Mini – Midnight

feet: Gos Boutique ║ Gospel Voom – Barefoot V2 – Flat

flipflops: Gos Boutique ║ Gospel Voom – Flipflops – Paint

headphone: 22769 ║ Paco Pooley – Headphones Squeaking Orange

pose: GLITTERATI ║ Katey Coppola – New Directions

Friends Forever

Friends ForeverI’ll be there for you, when you need somebody

I’ll be there for you, when you want someone who cares

When you’re down and feeling blue, I’ll be there

I’ll be there for you


→ Sungyoung ←

skin: Curio ║ Gala Phoenix – Jasmine 2 – Pure 3

hair: LeLutka ║ Thora Charron – Ellie – Praline

eyeliner: MONS ║ Ekilem Melodie – Black Eyeliner Series – 5 & 6

lipstick: MONS ║ Ekilem Melodie – Lipgloss – Caramel

top: Tee*fy ║ Azure Electricteeth – Lenka Bralet – Sunny (Summerfest ’13)

feet: Gos Boutique ║ Gospel Voom – Barefeet V2 – Flat

nails: MANDALA ║ kikenosuke Eel – Basic Nails – Ocher skin

→ scene ←

Llorisen ║ Elsa Wellesley – Deauville Beach Set – Parasol (Summerfest ’13)

Standby Inc. ║ Sho Kenin – World Tour – Classic Guitar

PILOT ║ Kaz Nayar – Beach Picnic – Beach Bum (Summerfest ’13)

!Ohmai ║ Anya Ohmai – Sea Otter Pet – Toffee Pelt

CULPRIT ║ eku Zhong – Ekurola Transistor – Pink (Summerfest ’13)

Standby Inc. ║ Sho Kenin – Retro Headphones

L’azie Dayz ║ Heavenly Villa – Strawberry Milkshake

L’azie Dayz ║ Heavenly Villa – Banana Milkshake

L’azie Dayz ║ Heavenly Villa – Chocolate Milkshake

( glow ) studio ║ Linka Demina – Birdy Glass – Turquoise

{what next} ║ Winter Thorn – Orlaith Basket

{what next} ║ Winter Thorn – Sunscreen Tube

pose: GLITTERATI ║ Katey Coppola – Familiar