Hey everyone! Have you been to Unhinged or Around the World yet? If not, then you are missing out on tons of awesomeness! First off, the dress is from [SAKIDE] for Unhinged (click this link for more information regarding the event). It is a mesh product so you will be needing a mesh-enabled viewer to see it properly. The dress is based on Standard Sizing (XXS/XS, S, M, and L) and it comes with a black, opaque leggings in pants, underwear, and sock layers. I did not wear the leggings because I wanted something more sheer to complete my look.

Moving on to Around the World, Intrepid made their virtual version of the famous UGG boots! It is available in different colors but I did notice that it only came in one size. Take note that my leg muscles is set to 40 and I tried raising the number a bit and the boots fit till 56. I also tested wearing mesh skinny jeans and I was able to wear my The Secret Store Rise Skinny Jeans in size XS but when I put on the size S, the pants went through the boots.

The hair! I can ramble all day about Alice Project‘s 9 new hairstyles for Around the World, yes! 9 new hairstyles!! The styles are inspired and named after the Korean female idol group SNSD – Taeyeon (태연), Hyoyeon (효연), Tiffani (티파니), Jessica (제시카), Yuri (유리), Yoona (윤아), Sooyoung (수영), Sunny (써니), and Seohyun (서현) (also known as Girls’ Generation or 소녀시대 – Sonyeo Shidae) specifically their “Tell me your wish (Genie)” MV. I rarely wear short hairstyles but Tiffani (티파니 pronounced Tippani in Korean) is so adorable and youthful looking. Check out the lovely Magenta DeVinna’s post for clearer images.

The pose and book prop is one of F*cking Ninjas latest release. The pose comes with 2 book props – one transferable and one copy version. It is cool that they include both animation and poseball in the pack because I know that some people prefer using poseballs because it is easier to position your avi once you are seated on it.

Whew! I said too much today ^_^ Till then! Annyeong!

CREDITS (크레딧):

skin (스킨): : ) BCC ║ Ooyuki Mint – Papaya Pink – Milk

eyes (눈): IKON ║ Ikon Innovia – Sunrise Eyes – Light Gaelic Silver

hair (머리): Alice Project ║ Alice Demonia – Tiffani (Around the World)

nails (손톱): MANDALA ║ kikenosuke Eel – Basic Nails – pale skin

eyeliner (아이 라이너): [mock] ║ Mocksoup Graves – Simpatico Eyeliner

eyelashes (속눈썹): *REDGRAVE* ║ Viola Leigh – Eyelashes – Natural

lipstick (립스틱): .:Glamorize:. ║ Yoko Leeeroy – Simply Dazzing Lips – Peach Ice

teeth (치아): Izzie’s ║ Izzie Button – Teeth – 8

dress (드레스): [SAKIDE] ║ Kinu Mayako – Fashion Skull Dress – Blue (Unhinged)

boots (부츠): ::Intrepid:: ║ Aledia Underby – Aussie Ugg – Tan (Around the World)

sweater (스웨터): JANE ║ Janie Marlowe – Aviator Sweater – Cream

tights (타이츠): Izzie’s ║ Izzie Button – Sheer Tights – Basic – Dark Beige

pose (자세) + book (책): F*cking Ninjas ║ Doll Galthie – Bookworm (NEW)

location (장소): nordari mainstore

I like pandas and unicorns. How about you?

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