Feeling Lazy + [mock] Cosmetics Giveaway Conclusion + a surprise

It’s me again! I hope it’s not just me but every weekend, I feel lazy especially when the weather is all gloomy and rainy. Today is NOT one of those days, but I still feel lazy. So yeah, I guess it’s not the weather, it’s me. ^_^


The [mock] Cosmetics giveaway officially ended and I thank each and everyone who participated. If you did not win, do not fret! I will be doing more giveaways on a regular basis. For now, it’ll be once a month but be on the lookout for announcements ‘coz I’m pretty much impulsive, I do everything on a whim. Who knows? I might do 2 or 3 or more giveaways in a month’s time. ^_^

The winner will be contacted via NC in-world. A response must be made within 24 hours otherwise, a new winner will be picked.

As for the “+ a surprise” part, I made an in-world group where I can keep in touch with everyone AND host another monthly giveaway. There will be (2) giveaways each month, (1) blog giveaway and (1) in-world group giveaway. But as I said, I *might* do more than one. Join “Sung Young & the Fab Fashionistas” for more information ^_^

I guess that’s it for now.. Annyeong! ❤


skin: .:: Mother Goose’s ::. Bomi A(2) by milok Hermit

eyes: FATEeyes v2.0 by Damien Fate

hair: D!va hair Sayaka2 in Citrine by Marisa Kira (Collabor88)

nails: [MANDALA] Super Long Female Nails by kikunosuke Eel

eyeshadow: [mock] eShadow Fall Festivale in Green by Mocksoup Graves

lips: cheLLe Kissable lipstick in fuschia by Chelle Carousel

blush/sunburn: *BOOM* Touched by Summer Light by Aranel Ah

top: The Sea Hole Lichtenstein Halter Top in cobalt by Drinkinstein Sorbet (Collabor88)

tank: JANE Intrinsic Tanks in yellow by Janie Marlowe (FREE)

skirt: Whippet&Buck June Mesh skirt in white by Dakota Buck (Collabor88)

shoes: Ingenue Jive Wedges in Persimmon (MESH) by Betty Doyle (Collabor88)

pose: (marukin) l’antre pastel – zirconia by Valencia Southard

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