The Arcade [March 2013] #1

The Arcade [March 2013] #1

The Arcade finally opened yesterday, March 1, much to the delight of everyone who has been waiting for it. As usual, the designers participating did not fail us because there are tons of awesome gacha goodies waiting for you. I am wearing some of the items you can get from playing the gacha machines: skirt from The Sea Hole, nails from Nylon Outfitters, floral headpiece from *BOOM*, roller skates from The Secret Store, and skin from : ) BCC. The Arcade will be open till the end of this month and if you are feeling artsy then be sure to join the Photography Contest.

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Bilo at faMESHed

I am taking a break from all the Vintage Fair posts (yes, there’s more to come!). As some might have known already, faMESHed‘s August cycle opened a few days ago and Bilo is one of the stores participating. You can get the “Harnoor” top and “Nimrit” capri separately. Both items come in L, M, S, XS, and XXS (Standard Sizing) with 5 colors to choose from. I wear a XS and you can read my “What’s your digits?” post for my avi’s measurements. Again, I strongly recommend (and I cannot emphasize it enough) for you to try on demos before making any purchase.
Bilo at faMESHedTP to faMESHed

TP to Bilo Mainstore

Bilo at the marketplace

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Feeling Lazy + [mock] Cosmetics Giveaway Conclusion + a surprise

It’s me again! I hope it’s not just me but every weekend, I feel lazy especially when the weather is all gloomy and rainy. Today is NOT one of those days, but I still feel lazy. So yeah, I guess it’s not the weather, it’s me. ^_^


The [mock] Cosmetics giveaway officially ended and I thank each and everyone who participated. If you did not win, do not fret! I will be doing more giveaways on a regular basis. For now, it’ll be once a month but be on the lookout for announcements ‘coz I’m pretty much impulsive, I do everything on a whim. Who knows? I might do 2 or 3 or more giveaways in a month’s time. ^_^

The winner will be contacted via NC in-world. A response must be made within 24 hours otherwise, a new winner will be picked.

As for the “+ a surprise” part, I made an in-world group where I can keep in touch with everyone AND host another monthly giveaway. There will be (2) giveaways each month, (1) blog giveaway and (1) in-world group giveaway. But as I said, I *might* do more than one. Join “Sung Young & the Fab Fashionistas” for more information ^_^

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