Drown in Music

Drown in Music (A)I have been posting basic Korean lessons on plurk and it turns out that some actually do read them ^_^ so I recently made a blog for it, Korean101 with Sungyoung. There will be 1-3 lessons posted per week with Vocaroo recordings to guide you with the pronunciation of the words. I hope that you find this helpful in any way… and if you have any questions or suggestions, just leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Continue reading “Drown in Music”

CINEMA 2012 – Mysterious Woman

CINEMA 2012 - Mysterious Woman

CINEMA ends tomorrow, October 31st. Yes! You still have time to drop by and get the exclusive items.

The Hottie Cooterati did an amazing job  and I am looking forward to the next event they host. Not only did I had a fun time shopping, I also enjoyed the theater feel that the location gives.

If you haven’t been there… here is your ride!

Also, check out the monthly event hosted by The Hottie Cooterati, Zodiac: Scorpio.

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CINEMA 2012 – Assassin

CINEMA 2012 opens October 13th (only a few hours away) and wow! they did a great job with the set-up. Please be reminded that it is in mesh so you will need a mesh-enabled viewer. There are 7 theaters to visit: Action/Adventure, Film Noir, Fantasy/Musical, Horror, Romance, SciFi, and of course… XXX.

BE WARNED: prepare yourself for one awesome shopping experience!

The Hottie Cooterati and Fennux together with the event sponsors – ALICE PROJECT, AUXILIARY, BOOM, CandyDoll, Cheeky Pea, Ezura Xue, Floorplan, Lassitude & Ennui, MonS, and Pilot made the event possible.

Join The Hottie Cooterati in-world group for updates. You wouldn’t want to miss out!

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