CINEMA 2012 – Assassin

CINEMA 2012 opens October 13th (only a few hours away) and wow! they did a great job with the set-up. Please be reminded that it is in mesh so you will need a mesh-enabled viewer. There are 7 theaters to visit: Action/Adventure, Film Noir, Fantasy/Musical, Horror, Romance, SciFi, and of course… XXX.

BE WARNED: prepare yourself for one awesome shopping experience!

The Hottie Cooterati and Fennux together with the event sponsors – ALICE PROJECT, AUXILIARY, BOOM, CandyDoll, Cheeky Pea, Ezura Xue, Floorplan, Lassitude & Ennui, MonS, and Pilot made the event possible.

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CINEMA 2012 - Assassin (HALF)CINEMA 2012 - Assassin (FULL)CREDITS:

skin: : ) BCC ‖ Ooyuki Mint – Strawberry Pink – Milk

eyes: IKON ‖ Ikon Innovia – Kaleido Eyes – Field

nails: Izzie’s ‖ Izzie Button – Classic Nails

lashes: *REDGRAVE* ‖ Viola Leigh – Classy

eyeshadow: [mock] ‖ Mocksoup Graves – Glitter Pop Eshadow – October Rust

lips: Ricielli ‖ Antonieta Fall – EOS – rubywoo

hair: /WASABI PILLS/ ‖ MissAllSunday Lemon – Nikki – Pancake (CINEMA)

dress: Adore&Abhor ‖ Airedine Poe – Svelte Dress – Black (CINEMA)

boots: [Gos] ‖ Gospel Voom – Curvaceous Boot

bangles: [MANDALA] ‖ kikenosuke Eel – Takara Bangle – Oriental Black

headpiece: *Bliss Couture* ‖ Amutey DeCuir – Uneeque Hat – Noir

pose+props: CnS e-motion ‖ Cynthia Ultsch – Old Town Enforcer (CINEMA)

I like pandas and unicorns. How about you?

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