Hi there! It’s been a while! Totally not going to mention the dreaded “q” and “c” word ‘cos I don’t want to be jinxing anything but, I will be slowly easing back to blogging/photography after an unforeseen hiatus within the next few days. Starting with this particular photo where I followed a tutorial that the amazing Kimmy Clementine graciously livestreamed on Facebook a couple of days ago. She is such a talented photographer and also a queen when it comes to shape-making so be sure to check out her store. Credits after the jump.

HAIR: Clarity by Stealthic
HEAD: Sasha by LeLUTKA
SKIN: Meja (browless) by Heaux at Anthem
** eyebrows is from the LeLUTKA hud, shape is by yours truly ♥
LIPSTICK: Gold Leaf by IDTTY Faces
FRECKLES: Cute Bits by Heaux
BERET: Daily Wool Beret by cheezu
OUTFIT: Aline by Belle Epoque at equal10

I like pandas and unicorns. How about you?

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