Roll Initiative

Roll Initiative

Without means to escape the looming bloodbath, her demon orb came levitating with a flick of her finger. “I guess a fight is inevitable,” she said in a somewhat calm voice as the orb started to glow bright red. “I hope you’re ready to perish. Don’t worry… I’ll do it fast and painless… /hopefully/.”

HAIR: Natasha by DOUX
HORNS: Empusa by The Forge
DRESS: Vulcan Coat by Plastix
PAULDRONS: Daerwen Pauldron by The Forge
TAIL: Daemonium Tail by aii
ORB: Specter Orb by aii
COLLAR: Mary Gems Collar by FAKEICON
Money Pouch, Potions, Scrolls Bag by PFC

BACKDROP: Sombre Skybox by Varonis

I like pandas and unicorns. How about you?

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