Childhood Memories

Childhood Memories
Hello Kitty celebrates her 45th anniversary with a huge two-region experience in the Internet’s largest virtual world Second Life.

Developed by Astralia, this official Sanrio event will feature free gifts, live music, an Hello Kitty themed amusement park and an interactive immersive game, where players will have fun with their friends in the community.

Like every birthday party, Astralia and Hello Kitty will have a special guest! Shop the “JimmyPaul x Hello Kitty by Difuzed” virtual collection, created by Astralia in Second Life and available at the shopping area, together with the official Astralia x Sanrio merchandising.

Teleport to Hello Kitty 45th Anniversary by Astralia Theme Park
Learn more at Astralia World and JimmyPaul x HelloKitty

HAIR: Dove by Beusy
TOP: JimmyPaul powered by Difuzed (available at event)
BOTTOM: Astralia x Hello Kitty – Anniversary Collection leggings (available at event)
GLASSES: Billie by [Fetch]
FOOD: Astralia x Hello Kitty – CottonCandy (available at event)

I like pandas and unicorns. How about you?

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