Ahreum’s Diary 06-30-2025

Ahreum's Diary 06-30-2025

Seoul has some really cool party areas… if you know where to go. If all else fails, ask Ahreum or Haneul…

((Ahreum Song is a Second Life RP character created for Mischief Managed – a Hogwarts RP community. Most information stated in this diary series is unknown to others ICly.))


[HAIR] Nemi Hair by ^.^ Ayashi ^.^ at Notice me, Senpai
[TOP] Crybaby Princess Top by DIRTY PRINCESS at Notice me, Senpai
[SKIRT] Yoon Skirt by ERSCH at Notice me, Senpai
[STOCKINGS] Fishnet Stockings by villena
[ROBE] Olesya Lace Coat by Rowne
[CAP] Sekushi cap by entice at Notice me, Senpai
[EYESHADOW] Seras Shadow Attitude edition by #ADORED at Notice me, Senpai
[CHOKER] Rogue Choker by Quirky

[HEART] doki-doki sign by CMYK at Notice me, Senpai

[HIS POSE] Giovanni Bento Pose Set by X.T.C. at Pose Fair
[HER POSE]  Nova by entangled poses at Pose Fair

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