Ahreum’s Diary 06-02-2025

Ahreum's Diary 06-02-2025

An all too familiar sensation took over the Gryffindor; her whole body froze and her eyes changed into a hazy shade of silver as she stared into nothingness. She is lost in a trance, completely oblivious and separated from her surrounding, that no external stimuli would be able to pull her back to reality…

Ahreum let out a whimper as her body began to twitch convulsively. She’d then come to a sudden stop, slamming her hands hard on the table that the water goblet flipped on its side, spilling the remainder of its contents.  She stood up slowly, her head tilting side to side… it was as if she was staring at Charlie and Iveron but no, she is not with them. The girl continued to eerily stare at them, her eyes still a cloudy haze.

She reached out to caress Iveron’s cheek, her silver eyes looking deeply into his green ones. Is the girl even aware of what she is doing? Or is she somehow possessed? She’d continue to stare at the boy for about a minute or two before opening her lips, “She came from deep within the forest…” she muttered in a sinister tone, “cursed by men… a lady among wolves.” As the last word escaped her lips, she started convulsing again, letting out loud screams of fear and anguish that would echo throughout the Great Hall. It came to an abrupt halt… everything in standstill. Ahreum faints and falls down to the ground.

((Ahreum Song is a Second Life RP character created for Mischief Managed – a Hogwarts RP community. Most information stated in this diary series is unknown to others ICly.))


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