Ahreum’ s Diary 05-26-2025

Ahreum's Diary 05-26-2025

The realest of friends are not the ones who stop you from doing crazy things. They are those who are there for you through thick and thin even if it means getting locked up together in Azkaban.


[HAIR] Minnie by [monso] for Collabor88
[OUTFIT] Catrine Set by Blueberry
[BINDI] The Heart Gem Moon by .Olive.
[EARRING] Sanvi Earrings by .random.Matter. at Uber
[BRACELET] Maharani Bracelet by EarthStones at Uber
[RINGS] Aphrodite by ^^Swallow^^
[LIPSTICK] Jelly Lips by WarPaint at Uber

((Ahreum Song is a Second Life RP character created for Mischief Managed – a Hogwarts RP community. Most information stated in this diary series is unknown to others ICly.))

I like pandas and unicorns. How about you?

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