Ahreum’s Diary 04-23-2025

Ahreum's Diary 04-23-2025

Nobody really knows what Ahreum has been up to… can the rumours be true?

[HAIR] Everly by Wasabi Pills at The Seasons Story
[DRESS] Callie Dress by Sese at The Seasons Story
[TIGHTS] Chevron Tights by Izzie’s
[PURSE] Mini Luggage Bag by Rowne
[BOW] Ribbon & Bow by Miseria
[CANDY] BunnyBum Pop by TeaBunny at The Seasons Story

[SET] Subway Stairwell by taikou at KUSTOM9
[TRASH CAN] Trash Box – Coin Snack Corner gacha by Soy
[POSE] MaiY by La Baguette

((Ahreum Song is a Second Life RP character created for Mischief Managed – a Hogwarts RP community. Most information stated in this diary series is unknown to others ICly.))

I like pandas and unicorns. How about you?

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