081. Loving yourself doesn’t make you selfish

081. Loving yourself doesn't make you selfish

She is strong but she forgot her strength.
She is capable but she forgot how to be independent.
She deserves better but she forgot her worth.
And by trying to keep on saving the ones she hold dear,
she realized that she slowly destroyed herself.

[HAIR] Amaranth by Mithral at The Seasons Story
[FLOWER CROWN] Vintage Princess Peony Wreath by Sorumin at The Seasons Story
[DRESS] Spring has come! by mignon at The Seasons Story
[NECKLACE] Bommie by MICHAN at The Seasons Story
[LASHES] Cat’s Eyelashes by Wednesday[+] at The Seasons Story
[TATTOO] Spring by Stardust at The Seasons Story
[FENCE] Here you go, honey boney by andika at The Seasons Story
[ROSES] Secret Garden by {anc}

[POSE w/ petals] Bloom by Infiniti at The Seasons Story

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