Ahreum’s Diary 06-05-2024

Ahreum's Diary 06-05-2024
((A photo inserted in the pages of Ahreum’s diary with the words “Good friends are meant to be annoying.” written on the back.))

ON AHREUM: [HAIR] Angela by DOUX, [WAND] Tendrils by Schaudenfreude. [OUTFIT] Hogwarts Sports Set by Orange*Pekoe

ON KARAM: [GLASSES] Rolmaster by epia, [SCARF] Evans by FATEplay, [SHOULDER] Banshee by The Forge, [SWEATER] The Lion Sweater by enchiridion, [SHORTS] VK-FUTURE by Vale Koer, [SNEAKERS] Queens Runners by Vale Koer

[POSE] Purple Poses


I might have bored you to death but thanks for reading! Now, tell me something and let's make this a little bit more interesting. Shall we?

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