MOVE!: Elena

MOVE!: Elena

MOVE!’s newest addition, Elena, is for the self-assured woman who don’t need nobody to affirm her. Smooth, sexy, and full of confidence – these dances are perfect if you want to standout from the crowd effortlessly.

Personally, I love improvisational dances because it looks natural than choreographed moves. It’s just the music and your body freely expressing your feelings through dance. The animations are seamless and very lifelike. It does not have the robotic look that some tend to have. Be sure check out Elena in-world or watch the video embedded below to experience it yourself!

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MOVE! Animations Cologne

MOVE! Animations Cologne is a Second Life animation brand based in Cologne, Germany. The dance animations are 100% original and are recorded with high quality cameras featuring real people who are passionate about music, dance, and party.

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