‘Cause I like you

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We live in a world where we are mostly judged based on our physical appearance. That is why people rely on photoshop, camera 365, Beauty Plus , filters, etc. to alter their photos before sharing it online. I, personally, have mastered the art of taking a selfie and am fully aware of my good and bad angles. I also spend a lot of time picking out my outfit, applying make-up, and making sure I look perfect before I head out the door. My skin care ritual is also not to be taken lightly – it consists of 7 to 10 products and usually takes me 20 minutes to half an hour (even longer when I use a facial mask). The feminine beauty ideal also led me to believe that I needed to be a size 0 or 2 to be considered beautiful. It took me a while to finally shake off that notion and be comfortable with my own body. I still have my moments but nothing compared to how I was before.

So why this sudden talk about ideal beauty?

I heard Colbie Caillat’s song, “Try”, and saw that it garnered a mix of both positive and negative feedback from listeners. Feminists commended her for supporting female empowerment while others thought the song sends the wrong message by advocating that women do not need to have to put in too much effort just to succeed or be recognized.

Here’s my take on it… it is not telling women to not try hard in life. It is, however, saying that a woman doesn’t need to have to try hard to the point that she loses herself in the process. The main point of the song, for me, was stated in these lines:

Wait a second,
Why should you care what they think of you?
When you’re all alone by yourself do you like you?
Do you like you?

It is normal to want to be told that you are beautiful. It is okay if you feel like getting completely dolled up. There is nothing wrong with getting your hair and nails done routinely. It’s fine to want to look your best when going out. The question is, who are you doing it for?  Do you still feel like yourself even with all the make-up, high heels, and fancy dresses? Learn to love and accept yourself because you are unique and you are beautiful in your own quirky way. ❤

'Cause I like you_002


hair: Rowne | Sasha
hands: Slink | Avatar Enhancement Mesh Hands
feet: Slink | Avatar Enhancement Mesh Feet
outfit: Indyra Originals | Danette
shoes: Livalle | Page – Low Platform Pumps (Slink Add-on)
earrings: Indyra Originals | Asri earrings
clutch: Indyra Originals | Danette Studded Clutch

pose: Morphone | You Inspire Me – Set 2.5

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