Berry’s Inventory Meme

Berry's Inventory MemeI am about to clean and sort out my inventory (Inventory Organization 101) again and before doing that I decided to do Strawberry Singh’s Inventory Meme. Click the link to view her original post.

  1. What is your current inventory number? – 28,729
  2. If you had to delete your whole inventory and could only keep one thing, what would it be? – My Animation folder. It makes up a large chunk of my inventory.
  3. What is the last thing you purchased? – Slink’s Suki Geta in Gold
  4. Which item do you wear most often? – aside from my custom shape – IKON Ascension Eyes
  5. When you search for the word penis, how many items pop up? (NO LYING!) – Zero. Yes, I’m no fun. Lol. I feel like I need to attach a print screen to prove my innocence. >:)

Inventory meme


skin: Essences ║ Inka Mexicola – Cho – Doux

eyes: IKON ║ Ikon Innovia – Ascension – Leonine

lipstick: MUA ║ Shanty Bookmite – Matte Lipstick – Red Line – Red 3

eyeshadow: MOCK ║ Mocksoup Graves – We are the dark parfait extra evil people

hair: [monso] ║ Morphine Janick – My Hair – Daisy

nails: je suis.. ║ Julia Merosi – Basic Nails

feet: Slink ║ Siddean Munro – Women Medium Barefeet Rigged

dress: LMD ║ Leri Miles – Arlene – Seafoam

beret: MiWardrobe ║ Neftisis Rhiadra – Ecleptico Benet

necklace: [ glow ] studio ║ Jocelyn Anatine – Purple Neon Necklace

pose: MaVie ║ Mavi Beck – Les Revenants 05

5 thoughts on “Berry’s Inventory Meme

  1. I didn’t either, so we are both no fun. But then…. Then my friend Peep gave me a penis gun! \o/ I am now the life of the party! 😀 If only I had a party! 😉 Great blog!

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