Three Little Birds

I lied. No birds. ^_^ But when this surf bus from Bauwerk magically appeared on my backyard, I started singing Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds”. The bus comes with single and couple poses and I could not resist from playing the bongo. I took a break from styling and threw on some comfortable clothing for this post. The Home and Garden Expo is still going on and you have till June 2nd to stop by. Here is a link to a list of the events SLurls. Happy shopping! ❤

Three Little Birds 1
Three Little Birds 2


→ clothing ←

skin: Curio ║ Gala Phoenix – Jasmine 2 – Pure 3

hair: Lamb ║ Lamb Bellic – The Big Doll House

top: DRIFT ║ Kallisto Destiny –  Morning Tank – Retro Stripes

shorts: JANE ║ Janie Marlowe – every day shorts – Eggshell

feet: Gos ║ Gospel Voom – Barefeet V2 – Flat

→ scene ←

bus: Bauwerk ║ Paco Pooley – The Magic Surfer Bus – Teal (Home and Garden Expo)

grill: Cheeky Pea ║ Isla Gealach – Cassie Grill

picnic table: What Next ║ Winter Thorn – Garden Picnic Bench

flowers: Organica ║ Aki Shichiroji – Lily of the Valley – White

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