Idol “Airport” Fashion Inspired Look

I love being a part of [SL] Blogger Support! Not only do I learn tons of things, the people in it are awesome as well. There are times when I do not know what to blog about so when I read about the new “Inspire Me: An [SL] Blogger Support Initiative“, I was excited and thankful. This is how it works, every week they will provide daily prompts to inspire you on your next blog post. You don’t have to do all the prompts if you don’t want to and you can also use a prompt in any day you wish to blog. “Inspire Me” is not a challenge but a source of inspiration for all bloggers out there. Click here to see the daily prompts for this week

Inspire Me!

“I am a Fangirl/Fanboy” – the first thing that popped into my mind are celebrities/idols. I am guilty of being a fangirl and my ultimate biases are Korean idol groups “CN Blue (씨엔블루)” and “Super Junior (슈퍼주니어)”.  For this prompt, I decided to do an “Idol Airport Fashion” inspired look. Idols know that they can be photographed any time (even at the airport) that’s why some of them have “rules” or “guidelines” when it comes to dressing up for a flight. They prefer comfortable yet stylish clothes and accessories are added to spice up the entire look. Big sunglasses are also a necessity to hide their make-up free face. For hair, they would either let it loose or put it in a messy bun. Some even said that mobile phones are a must because  they usually pretend that they are talking on the phone or texting to avoid the awkward situation. In other words, “Idol Airport Fashion” is all about being an “effortless beauty”.

Annyeong! ^_^

Idol Airport Fashion


skin: : ) BCC ║ Ooyuki Mint – Apple Pink – Coffee

lipstick: [a.e.meth] ║ Aemeth Lysette – Matte Lip Tints – Red

teeth: Izzie’s ║ Izzie Button – Teeth – 2

hair: Exile ║ Kavar Cleanslate – Untouched – Cashmere

nails: MANDALA ║ kikenosuke Eel – Female – Super Long

top: Maitreya ║ Onyx LeShelle – Lux Sweater – Angora Slate (NEW)

bottoms: Maitreya ║ Onyx LeShelle – Stefani Pants – Midnight (NEW)

bracelet (R): Amorous ║ Matchbook Monday – You

bracelet (L): miel ║ miel Nirvana – FRIENDO bracelet

bag: Maitreya ║ Onyx LeShelle – Mesh Shopper – Mischka

shoes: ISON ║ Harry Hyx – Kippen Wedge Boot – Desert (Collabor88)

pose: aDORKable ║ Adorkable Peapod – Handbag – 4

location: Cupcake sim (yes, it wasn’t at the airport ^_^)

I like pandas and unicorns. How about you?

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