Innocent as a Bunny

Innocent as a BunnyCREDITS:

skin: : ) BCC ║ Ooyuki Mint – Strawberry Pink – Milk

eyes: Insufferable Dastard ║ Audrey Lamede – Chii Brown Eyes

eye enhancer: *BOOM* ║ Aranel Ah – Aegyo Sal – Pale

lips: tSg ║ Eilfie Sugarplum – Matte Pout – Buff to Fuschia Fade

nails: LEVEROCCI ║ Jin Elfan – Round Nails – BrownYellowGradient

hair: LaViere ║ Azure Electricteeth – Katie – FrostedPink (Collabor88)

dress: The Secret Store and NYU ║ Maylee Oh and Nyunyu Kimono – Fall Babydoll Dress – White (NEW)

pose: aDORKable ║ Adorkable Peapod – Innocence -10



I might have bored you to death but thanks for reading! Now, tell me something and let's make this a little bit more interesting. Shall we?

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