The Ego Co. presents “The Costume Ball”

The Costume BallAlthough Halloween is one of my favorite time of the year, it has always been the same… blood, amputated limbs, decapitated heads, ghouls, ghosts, monsters, serial killers. But this coming October, The Ego Co. brings to us something to look forward to, an event that is surely different from any other Halloween event: “The Costume Ball” – with the theme “dark, but with class”.

It will open its doors to the public on October 24th and close on the 1st of November. Participating designers will be making an item exclusive for the event fitted to the theme.

“Dark, but with class” makes me think of the movie Woman in Black. The movie still managed to creep me out even though it was no Texas Chainsaw Massacre. No blood, no decapitation/amputation, no repulsive looking characters or scenes that makes you want to throw up. So I guess this year we got to look scary in a fashionista kind of way. ^_^ Annyeong!

For more details visit the links below:

The Ego Co. Official Blog

The Costume Ball


One thought on “The Ego Co. presents “The Costume Ball”

  1. […] The Costume Ball is officially open and you have till November 1st to grab the exclusive items for the event. I tried my best to take a snapshot of all the items but the place was packed so please forgive me for the mediocre photos. I was trying to avoid including people in the frame so, yeah. Since this post is going to be a bit image heavy, please take the jump to view the photos and for the SLURL. […]

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