For a Pessimist I’m Pretty Optimistic

Heads up, fashionistas! Get your wallets ready ‘coz Sundaara just released a stunning new piece. Zaara may look like your ordinary, conservative dress but it has a low back that bares the right amount of skin. I love the simple pattern on the front and the highlight and shading is amazing! It is mesh and comes in an array of 5 colors and 2 color block designs.

For a Pessimist I'm Pretty Optimistic

I never wanted to say this –
You never wanted to stay.
I put my faith in you, so much faith
And then you just threw it away.
You threw it away.

RL has been crappy for me lately but there’s nothing much I can do other than to buckle up till the bumpy ride is over. It is tough when the very foundation that made you who you are is shaken and it feels like the ideals that you grew up to believe in was not that ideal after all. No matter how dark life gets you have to hold on to that hope that there is light at the end of every tunnel. Life will never be perfect and you will never attain happiness if you continue on striving for perfection. Be content and cherish the moment before it slips away. I don’t want to be all emo and stuff 😛 so take the jump for credits!  Continue reading “For a Pessimist I’m Pretty Optimistic”