I have always been that girl who sits in a corner and bites her tongue. For me, it is better to stay silent, think things through before saying or doing anything that I might regret. Well, sometimes I am TOO silent that people forget that I have emotions too.

In this crazy world, you will come across the path of different kinds of people – some will build you up and will be the best friends you’ll ever meet; others will tear you down and will make your misery their source of enjoyment. I guess I’ve just had enough of people who play the part of an innocent victim, people who put themselves in a pedestal so high up that they think every person they meet just want something “useful” from them, people who go around complaining about how life is treating them unfairly (how you are treating them unfairly), people who think that their feelings matter more than how others feel.

It is tough to find real friends, but when you do, keep them close to your heart. Friends who will be honest enough to tell you that you look bad in that mini skirt, who will cheer you on the most difficult battles, who will be happy for your accomplishments, who will understand that life happens and will always have your back without a single word said.

There are times to be silent and times to shatter that silence… let them hear you ROAR.

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Express yourself…

One thing I love about modeling is I get to meet tons of awesome people just like the sweet Leezah Kaddour. We met while casting for *VoguE* yesterday and I noticed her bright outfit right away. I remember her telling me that bright colors is part of who she is. I have to agree with her on that. Why? Because she is one of those who gives off this positive aura that makes you want to be around them. Her words are encouraging and in the (very) short time that I have known her, I can tell that she appreciates the beauty in everything around her. I admire her awareness of her own style and how she uses it to give people a glimpse of who she is. That is true fashion – dress up to express yourself…

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