Personal Space

Personal Space

I have been on the hunt for a new home since last month and I am so glad that I finally found one! You should definitely check out Barnesworth Anubis‘ new 2+ room release – the Lakeside Cottage at C88. I am just giving you a sneak peek of my room ‘coz I am not yet satisfied with the decorations at the moment. Another thing worth checking out is BAZAR‘s Toronto Bedroom Set at The Home Show. The whole set comes with a clothes rack, vanity, bed, side tables, lamps, rug, and other decorations. I added Standby Inc.‘s Retro Vinyl Set for a pop of color, floorplan‘s pallet couch, pallet ottoman, and typewriter which I love so much, {what next}‘s Valena’s Travel Trunk, the hanging shelf from Cheeky Pea‘s Abbotsford set, and of course I won’t forget !Ohmai‘s Teacup Piglets. I promise you a full house tour once everything is done and I feel comfortable enough to share it. Annyeong! ❤

Wash the sand off me…

The Home Show opens in a few hours and Kriss Lehmann of Botanical made this awesome beach shower for the event. It is available in PG and adult versions both loaded with single and couple animations. The sand base of the shower is modifiable so you can blend it with your land for that seamless look. Kriss Lehmann is really one talented builder and I encourage you to visit his mainstore inworld and fall in love with his creations. The Home Show is sponsored by Cheeky Pea, CIRCA, DIGS, Dutchie, Pixel Mode Home, Senzafine, and What Next.

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