Surf’s Up!

*BOOM* released the Lolas Tango appliers for the Ellio Bikini and I have to give credits to Ara because I am pretty sure this took a ton of her time since Ellio comes in a wide range of color and design options (nice one, Ara!). I also appreciate the support notecard included, giving some tips on how to use appliers and how to edit clothing layers. It is my first time wearing mesh breasts and I was clueless at the beginning (that’s what I get for not reading instruction manuals ^_^) but I managed to figure out how it works. Some may experience problems like clothing layers being too obvious underneath the breast layer and what I did was play with the position and size of my mesh boobies to get that perfect fit. If you are prone to breaking things like I am, do not forget to make copies!

Surf's Up!

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