Cheap Thrill

Cheap Thrill

TANK | GizzA – Lucy Tank – White (NEW)
PANTS | Pixicat – Signe Jeans – White
HAIR | Argrace – Azusa – Dark Brown
HANDS | Slink – Avatar Enhancement Hands
FEET | Slink – Avatar Enhancement Feet Deluxe (NEW)
NAILPOLISH | alme – The Light Nudes

COUCH | Soy – Hickory Couch (NEW)
POSE | Corpus – Lounge Series



HAIR | Monso – Yuna @ Hair Fair 2015
TOP | Monso – My Halter Top
JACKET | Khoi – Oversized Denim Jacket @ Kustom9
JEANS | Monso – My Ripped Jeans @ Kustom9
SHOES | Amitomo – Platform Sandals
EYEWEAR | CLAVv. – Cat Shades @ The Seasons Story
NAILS | The Wicked Peach – Summer Basics @ On9 July 2015
NECKLACE | ATTIC – Trapped Moon @ IDK


BED | Soy – Velvet Day Bed with Lamp
BAG | Indyra – Last Call Tote @ On9 July 2015
GUITAR & STOOL | Zerkalo – Lonely Bard @ Indie Teepee
PLANT | Soy – Superlong Potted Cactus

POSE | Imeka – Sit Poses

Zen Spot

Most of us, if not all, have those “I just want to strangle people” moments when we are burnt out. One of the things I actually struggle with when it comes to RL work is always taking pity on others and ending up doing their work for them. I tell myself that one day I will be facing a tough situation and someone is going to do the same for me. The previous weeks, I have noticed that I have become irritable and moody. I have also been having frequent migraines, I am easily fatigued, and not to mention the horrible condition of my otherwise clear skin.

One night, I got home from work and just burst out crying. The hubby came to the rescue visibly distraught from seeing me in tears. He reminded me to slow down my pace and that there’s nobody else who can help me but myself by learning how to refuse added work load that shouldn’t even be mine in the first place.

It is normal to want to help out but it is a whole other thing to be overly acquiescent. You shouldn’t feel guilty for turning down others if it means keeping your sanity (and your health) in check. BUT, you don’t have to be rude when doing so. Do it the right way – firm yet polite.

Not being able to say no is the same as stripping yourself of the right to control your time (life). Keep in mind that a request is NOT obligatory.

There are tons you can do to reduce your cortisol level aka the stress hormone. Here are my favorite ways to de-stress after a long, chaotic day at work:

1. Going to the gym or going for a run
2. Taking a relaxing bubble bath
3. Aromatherapy (I personally love ylang ylang, chamomile, and peppermint)
4. Meditating while listening to calming music – I have a playlist on my phone filled with soothing ambient sounds
5. Playing the piano or guitar
6. Riding a roller coaster and screaming my lungs out
7. Movie or TV show marathon
8. Playing video games
9. Swimming or any kind of water sport

and of course,

10. Retail therapy 😀

How do you de-stress?


Soy – Our Secret Camp @ The Arcade
Serenity Style – Vintage Stars Set @ On9 June 2015
by Chiana Oh – Origami Paper Crane candle holder @ On9 June 2015
Art Dummy – Water Bowl

Highschool Sweethearts

Highschool Sweethearts_002

[monso]’s My Preppy Look gave me a bit of highschool nostalgia. It may be one of those awkward phases of my life but it sure was fun! The women’s version is available at Fameshed and the men’s version at The Men’s Department. There are 6 color options available for both the pants and sweater. The sweater also includes a HUD that changes the shirt and tie colors. It will be for sale at a discounted price for the duration of the event before it is marked up to original price once moved to the mainstore.

Highschool Sweethearts_003

I paired it up with L.Warwick’s Sawtooth flats that you can grab at Uber‘s current apocalypse-themed round. It comes in 9 different colors which are sold separately. Please be advised that the flats are add-ons for the Slink Natural Mesh Feet.

Jungshin did quite a bit of shopping at TMD and one of his must-haves is 2Real’s Stackz LMT. It includes sizes for males, females, and kids as well! I will definitely be grabbing a pair for myself. 😛

Highschool Sweethearts_001

Soy has new furniture and decor out at The Men’s Department – the Old Photo Light (touch to toggle, comes with and without socket), Three Legged Chair (comes in 2 colors – brass and crow), and Increment of Hunch No. 9 wall decor (comes in black and white) and console.

I hope everyone’s enjoying their Sunday and 메리 추석 to all those celebrating Chuseok! Eats lots of tasty food and have a precious time with your family! ❤


hair: [monso] | Morphine Janick – Nana
hands: Slink | Siddean Munro – Avatar Enhancement Hands
feet: Slink | Siddean Munro – Natural Mesh Feet
outfit: [monso] | Morphine Janick – My Preppy Look (Fameshed)
shoes: L.Warwick | Lindsey Warwick – Sawtooth Flats (Uber)


hair: [monso] | Morphine Janick – Yong
hands: Slink | Siddean Munro – Avatar Enhancement Hands
outfit: [monso] | Morphine Janick – My Preppy Look (The Men’s Department)
shoes: 2Real | 2REAL Okelli – Stackz LMT (The Men’s Department)

pose: Consignment and !bang | Wavie Haller and Luna Jubilee – less than three

furniture: Soy | Soyoy – Old Photo Light, Three Legged Chair, Increment of Hunch No. 9 wall decor and console (The Men’s Department)