Winter Days

Winter DaysCREDITS:

hair: lamb ║ Lamb Bellic – Desire Lines – Kit Kat (C88)

eyelashes: Redgrave ║ Viola Leigh – Natural

eyes: IKON ║ Ikon Innovia – Ascension – Leonine

eyeshadow: Beautiful Deluxe ║ Sam Deluxe – Vintage Holiday Eyeshadow – 14

lipstick: MONS ║ Ekilem Melodie – Ombresh – Nectar

sweater: Legal Insanity ║ Datrip Blackbart – Peace on Earth Sweater (POE6)

pants: Tutti Frutti ║ Bela Tolsen – Sweet December – Leaves (POE6)

hands: Slink ║ Siddean Munro – Avatar Enhancement Hands

pose: Wicca’s Wardrobe ║ Wicca Merlin – Casual Jeans



Romance Couture has a lovely gift waiting for you for the 6th year of the Peace on Earth Hunt! The Starlight gown lives up to its name with it’s enchanting stars and sparkles. It also features a headdress, chest drape, and an intricate bustle. Designers are feeling extra generous and provided hunt hints that you can find on this page (click link). You are looking for a globe with a dove on it. Due to the wide use of area search, some designers placed decoys sharing the same name as the hunt object itself.

Ready to start hunting? Here’s your starting point Happy hunting and play nice *winks*.


gown: Romance Couture ║ Eleseren Brianna – Starlight Gown (POE6 Hunt)

hair: INK ║ Nontroppo Torii – APPYO/BPPYO – Black

gloves: Miamai ║ Monica Outlander – Rilla – White

necklace: Lazuri ║ Zuri Lyric – Celeste Heirloom Necklace

pose: Agapee ║ Argnit Igaly – agp_F254