FLUKE Fashion T.V.

Hello again everyone! I woke up late this morning and I still feel crappy from not getting a good night’s sleep (I blame it on Chris Hemsworth!). I was intending to publish this blog entry last night but I failed to do so.

FLUKE Fashion T.V. 2

 A few days ago, I was sent a bunch of poses and props by GM Nikolaidis of FLUKE Shapes & Poses. The FLUKE Fashion T.V. was one of them.

It comes with 8 poses and since my avi is on the average size, I did not make any adjustments at all. Having said that, yes, you can adjust the position and rotation of your avi to fit the pose prop. All you have to do is type “/1a” without the quotation marks into open chat and a menu will pop out. That easy!

Refer to this image (FLUKE Fashion T.V. ad) to get a glimpse of the pose selections.

Click for High res image

Aside from the 8 poses that comes with it, the T.V. screen also displays 4 vintage images which changes automatically in about 5 seconds or so.

If you are planning on using this T.V. as a decorative piece for your house or establishment, you don’t have to worry about prims because it only consumes 5 prims. You gotta love low prim objects!

Be sure to visit FLUKE in-world. They have the Fashion T.V. rezzed out so you can check it out up close. While you’re there, take a stroll around the store because they offer solo and couple poses, other pose props, and avi shapes too!

Annyeong everyone! ^_^ Credits after the jump! Continue reading “FLUKE Fashion T.V.”