1E/1O – Anthem June 2020

1E/1O - Anthem June 2020

Hi there! It feels like it has been a while since I’ve done this as I have been getting used to just posting a photo with some quote or song lyric that goes with it. To be honest, life has changed a lot since the very first time I started blogging but no matter how busy real life gets that forces me to take long breaks, I still find my way back as my love for fashion and photography is ingrained in me. 

Lately, I have been mulling over how I can revamp my blog so along with the photo series that I’ve been doing recently, I decided to start “1E/1O” (1 event, 1 outfit) which aims to create one look using items from one particular event. For the record, I will not limit myself when it comes to skin and cosmetic enhancements because those are usually a major hit or miss for me BUT I will do my absolute best to try and incorporate those as well. 

First on the list is Anthem. Take the jump to find out who I am wearing. 

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My race does not define me…

My race does not define me...
All I wanted to do was get some essentials before the aisles get cleared and with aching feet after a long work day, I perused the store and I spotted you in the corner of my eye, a mocking grin on your face. “Run! The ‘rona is here!” you said to your friends, pointing to my direction. I looked you straight in the eye and studied your face, taking a mental note of your appearance because I wanted to able to remember you.

I want to be able to remember you if and when the time comes that I see you being wheeled into the hospital doors. I want to be able to remember you if and when the time comes that I have to assess your condition. I want to be able to remember you if and when the time comes that I have to save your life. And no, I won’t take revenge. I am never one to do that… Instead, I am going to make sure that I do my best to help you walk out of the hospital doors healthy. I’ll be sure to give you the utmost respect, consideration and compassion that you have failed to give me. Because I took an oath before God to abstain from the deleterious and mischievous; to dedicate myself to devoted service for human welfare. But most of all, because that is how you are supposed to treat people. That is what it is like to be human.

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