MBMA Experience: Week 6

So graduation is pushed back till the 2nd week of June and somehow I am glad that it is. To be honest, I think I still need to improve in the posing department and I don’t want to rush myself to the finish line if I know that I am not ready. I am glad that Sequoia noticed this and decided to postpone the graduation show and extend class for another 2 weeks. So yes, I will be working hard to perfect (or come close to perfection) my posing abilities. ^_^ Till next week! Annyeong!

MBMA Experience: Week 5

2 more weeks to go and I am officially graduating from MBMA. Wow! I didn’t expect for everything to go this fast. This week we learned more about the runway and were given useful tips on how to be efficient during a show. We were also asked to judge poses and be able to tell what’s wrong and what’s right. We spent most of the class time learning double walks for our upcoming graduation show and I think I did okay. I also got the hang of communicating using VPC although I do forget using the channel and end up blurting things out in local chat. ^_^ Anyway, I’m gonna keep things short once again since I am getting some things done for my next blog post this weekend. It’s going to be something new for me and I am excited about it! ^_^ Till then! Annyeong!

MBMA Experience: Week 4

An exciting and also nerve-wracking event was brought to our attention this week – GRAD SHOW. I am still in awe that we are only 3 weeks away from graduating. Looking back, I had a meaningful and productive time at MBMA. Time really does fly by fast when you are having fun. I am looking forward to graduating along with 6 awesome girls who definitely played a big part on everything I gained with this experience.

To be honest, I am not that confident in selecting runway poses. I feel like I am lacking in that department but I will be giving my very best effort. Just a short post today since I have a few things to prepare for next class. Annyeong! ^_^

MBMA Experience: Week 3

Class every Wednesday never fails to amaze me! This week, we talked about styling, casting, and posing. I must say that since I started taking classes at MBMA, I always find myself asking “How can I put a little of Sungyoung in this outfit?” I used to think that I have a good grasp of a style that I could call my own but I was wrong. It turns out that I still have  a lot to discover about myself and the only way I can do that is by letting go of my fears, stepping outside of my comfortable zone, and experimenting.

We were so lucky to have Morgane Batista talk about posing. She imparted the knowledge she gained from creating poses and gave us tips and guidelines. While she was giving the lesson, all the posing mistakes I committed  suddenly came to mind especially this most recent one. What was I thinking? I was too careless. From now on, I am pretty sure that I will be scrutinizing every inch of my avatar before snapping that photo.

“Do I look right?” “Are my prims placed perfectly?” “Do the colors match?” “Am I over-accessorizing?” “What element is missing?” “What pose should I use?” – these are just some of the questions that I know I will be asking myself.

Everything I learn at MBMA are not only applicable in modeling but blogging as well. Browsing through my flickr feed, I realized that I really didn’t give much effort. Most of them are put together in a rush just to be able to post a new entry. I feel the need to apologize to all the content creators whose items I butchered with my lazy styling. 미안 해요. I’m sorry.

…with all that in mind, I will try to do better. 아자아자 화이팅!

MBMA Experience: Week 2

This week is all about making a good first impression. Others may say that this topic is unnecessary but we all need a little reminding every now and then. So how do we make a good first impression?

1. Appearance – Let’s face it! We live in a world where everything is judged according to visuals. Don’t get me wrong though. I am not saying that there are “beautiful people” and “ugly people”. What I’m implying is that people judge you by the way you present yourself. How you dress, how you style your hair, even the way you sit and stand says a lot about you. So the next time you step out of the house, take that time to have a second look in the mirror and make sure that you are looking your best. You never know what or who you’ll stumble upon that day – be prepared.

2. Behavior – Next to visuals, people tend to scrutinize the way you act. We are all expected to behave in a socially acceptable way especially in a professional setting. I know that some of you are shaking your heads “Is she saying we should conform and stick to status quo?” I am not. The general rule is to treat people with respect. Be considerate of others and avoid doing things that may insult, embarrass, or hurt them. “Do unto others what you want others do unto you.”

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