MBMA Experience: Week 1

Dugeun.. Dugeun.. the sound of my heart thumping as I anxiously waited for 5:00PM SLT. Why am I so nervous? The instructor won’t eat me alive, right?  Finally! A notice was sent out saying we can make our way to the class area. It took me a few moments before I could manage to hit the teleport button, I needed time to convince myself that I will get through whatever it is that awaits me. Click. Darkness engulfed me and then I found myself in a large hall at Mimmi Boa Modeling Academy, also known as MBMA. In front me are towering, gorgeous ladies dressed to kill. I looked at myself and thought “어떡해?” “What do I do?”, compared to them I looked like a highschooler dressed for prom.. I am so dead. They all proved me wrong, even before the whole place rezzed for me, I was greeted warmly and even received a friend request! I took a sit said hello to the other trainees coming in and patiently waited for class to start. 5 minutes felt like a lifetime and I felt awkward (and intimidated) to start a convo on local chat, besides I don’t know what to say. 휴우. I let out a sigh of relief as soon as Sequoia Nightfire, our instructor, began the class. Her words are welcoming and somehow made me warm up, she emphasized that MBMA is a place where we can make mistakes. Upon hearing this I reassured myself that it is okay to make mistakes – failure is the mother of success. What I like most about the class is that we are allowed to voice out whatever it is that we have in mind, be it positive or negative. This way, we learn not only from the instructor but also from our fellow trainees.

I am so glad that I decided to do something with my time aside from standing in my skybox and blogging. Don’t get me wrong, I do LOVE blogging! I just wanted to be part of something else that still revolves around the thing I love the most – fashion. Sitting there for 2 hours is totally worth it! I learned a lot of things and somehow changed my mindset. I came to MBMA with a vague knowledge of what I wanted to accomplish but after that one class alone, I came out determined to be the best I can be in all the things that I do. We are all different from each other and that can either be our strength or weakness depending on how we approach it. We can embrace it or reject it. Think about this; if you were to make a movie based on your real life, yes, you can hire a talented actor/actress to portray yourself but only you would understand the things that you went through on a full extent, only you would know how the pain, the happiness, and all other emotions really felt like. Nobody else can be you. Don’t settle for mediocrity when you have so much more potential waiting to be unleashed. If you have to fall in the process, then fall over and over and over again. What matters is how you handle yourself after the fall. Remember that you are you, so strive hard to be the best you that you can be. ❤