050. Hua Mulan

050. Hua Mulan

A new RP sim dedicated to the TV show, Once Upon a Time, recently opened its doors. Of course I cannot pass up this chance to play my all time favorite Disney princess, Hua Mulan.

If you are interested in joining, be sure to read through the rules and current cast list which you can obtain at the sim’s landing point along with the application.

Teleport to Lost and Found: a Once Upon a Time RPG sim

[HAIR] Myrtle by Mina
[KIMONO] Midori by Luas
[LEGGINGS] Cake Leggings by Blueberry
[BOOTS] Daerwen by The Forge
[CHAIN MAIL] Chain Mail Collar and Vest by The Forge
[PAULDRONS] Tallulah by . aisling .
[SWORD] Wrath’s Conviction by The Forge

[POSE] Risoto by La Baguette