I can eat chocolate all day long…

I can eat chocolate all day long...

Mr. Wonka: “Don’t forget what happened to the man who suddenly got everything he wanted.” 

Charlie Bucket: “What happened?” 

Mr. Wonka: “He lived happily ever after.” 

K.V. Dream Fashion Agency is spearheading a new event to celebrate the holidays. The Wonka Event, as the name implies, is inspired by “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”.

The Wonka Shop opened December 5th and will close December 30th. The items are made exclusively for the event and everything is marked 400L or less.

For the hunters out there, the Wonka Hunt started yesterday the 15th and will run until the end of the December. Each designer created an exclusive hunt prize divided into 2 mesh lollipops. One lollipop is hidden in the designer’s mainstore while the other is hidden in the K.V. sim. Follow the hints and get the gift for free!

You shouldn’t miss the Wonka Fashion Show on the 19th! The models will be walking in a catwalk also inspired by the same theme and will be showing off exclusive designs as well. During the show, you can buy all the showcased items at 50% off the full retail price. Take this opportunity to grab your favorites before they go for sale full price the day after.

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Romance Couture has a lovely gift waiting for you for the 6th year of the Peace on Earth Hunt! The Starlight gown lives up to its name with it’s enchanting stars and sparkles. It also features a headdress, chest drape, and an intricate bustle. Designers are feeling extra generous and provided hunt hints that you can find on this page (click link). You are looking for a globe with a dove on it. Due to the wide use of area search, some designers placed decoys sharing the same name as the hunt object itself.

Ready to start hunting? Here’s your starting point http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bonaire06/172/223/24. Happy hunting and play nice *winks*.


gown: Romance Couture ║ Eleseren Brianna – Starlight Gown (POE6 Hunt)

hair: INK ║ Nontroppo Torii – APPYO/BPPYO – Black

gloves: Miamai ║ Monica Outlander – Rilla – White

necklace: Lazuri ║ Zuri Lyric – Celeste Heirloom Necklace

pose: Agapee ║ Argnit Igaly – agp_F254

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

Are you ready for the holidays? Me? Not quite. I wanted to decorate for Christmas so bad but I have to wait until we move in to our new house this Saturday before doing so. Otherwise, it’ll all go to waste (I am so jealous of our neighbors who have a ton of wooden toy soldiers lined up on their lawn).

I went with tons of colors last year that made it look like a bag of skittles just exploded in our living room. This year, I am going with what the mister suggested – blue and silver. Decorating relieves my stress so even though we are not spending Christmas here in Jersey, I will still put a ton of effort because you never know when we might randomly invite friends over for a pre-Christmas celebration.

The ensemble I am wearing is from Blacklace. Another fabulous creation of Mariska Dufour! A sexy Santa’s Little Helper outfit complete with hat and boots. You will be needing a mesh enabled viewer to be able to see it properly and each mesh piece (with the exception of the hat) comes in different sizes.

Goodies under the Christmas tree...

The Peace on Earth Hunt is running on it’s 6th year and you can get some awesome, awesome gifts! It is a gridwide hunt, meaning you will have to teleport from store to store to look for the hunt object.

I managed to get into The Arcade last night! I was crazy excited because this event always have some interesting things. The Arcade is a quarterly event that takes place every March, June, September, and December. It featues over 80 designers offering high quality gacha items. Prizes are no copy, transferable so you can have fun trading with friends!

Getting ready for the holidays...

Enjoy shopping and Happy Holidays everyone! ❤ Continue reading “Happy Holidays!”