One Voice [Part 2]

I apologize for being MIA! This post is waaaayyy past due 😦 I had to deal with RL issues and health concerns.

Here’s a few more items available at ONE VOICE which is ending tomorrow.

One Voice [Part 2] A

The dress I am wearing is League’s item for One Voice and it includes 3 cuts. When I learned that you can mix’n’match the dresses to create a look like the one I did, I instantly bought the fatpack. Considering the fact that you can create tons of different color combinations, it’s worth it! Two thumbs up for the creativity of Nena Janus.

Wasabi Pills introduced a new version of Teeloh for the fundraiser and you can get it in brown or blonde. I really like the edgy style of this hair. It is not something that I would usually wear but it is fun to come out of my comfort zone once in a while.

You can also pick up these heels by Ju at One Voice. I was a bit hesitant about it at first because I originally wasn’t a big fan of the split-tip style. But it grew on me! ^_^

One Voice [Part 2] B

Bilo’s OV item is a preview of the Haifa skin with purple and gold eye makeup, flushed cheeks, and pink lips. It comes with dark and light brows and a beauty mark.

**I will be updating this post soon with the CREDITS. For now, here’s  a TP to ONE VOICE.




One Voice [Part 1]

ONE VOICE will open to the public in a few hours and tons of talented designers gathered for the event. If you do not know what ONE VOICE is, please click this link for more information.

I have heaps to show but I don’t want to do it in a rush. In the next few days, I will be showing more items from the fundraiser.

One Voice [Part 1] A

First off, this beautiful dress, jewelry, and shoes (sold separately) from Indyra Originals. The dress is 100% mesh which comes in 7 sizes based on Standard Sizing (XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL) to fit a wide range of avatar shapes. It is a very classic piece and the diagonal pattern flatters your body shape. I am wearing a size XS but I did try the XXS and it fits almost perfectly except for my chest area where I had to turn my breast size slider 2 sizes down (here’s a link to my “What’s your Digits?‘ post).

The shoes came with a HUD with 20 preset skin tone choices and you can try your hand in using RGB values to obtain that perfect match. An alpha layer is also included to hide your avi’s feet. It also has a nice detail at the back (forgive me for not being able to take a close up shot) that adds a more sophisticated look.

Indyra also offers an intricate set of jewelry from her accessory line, Indy&Co – large gold hoops and gold bangles with a silver accent piece that surely compliments the light rose colored dress.

The bag is from CHANDELLE and I got to be honest that this is the first time I’ve heard of this brand but I was blown away that this bag only costs 100L$ (I apologize again for not taking a close up). Given it’s quality I thought it was going to be around 300L$ up. More after the jump… Continue reading “One Voice [Part 1]”

One Community, ONE VOICE

“Opportunity makes a thief.” – Francis Bacon

I really do appreciate the time and effort that content creators give to bring us high quality products. Without them, this blog would not have existed. That is why it is deeply saddening (and infuriating) that some people can just steal from a legit creator and claim a product to be his/her own.

One Voice

On July 9th, you can be part of the ONE VOICE revolution! Although one of the main purpose of ONE VOICE is to help Gala Phoenix (CURIO) raise enough funds for legal fees, this revolution also aims to safeguard the rights of content creators and promote awareness.

A number of designers will be participating in this event, placing out items that will be for sale (with the proceeds either split with Gala or donated in full). Some of the confirmed brands are: Gos, Belleza, Glam Affair, League, Ingenue, Aura, OneBadPixel, Exile, Luck ink, A.D.D. Andel, Pink Fuel, Laqroki, Solange, N-Core, LouLou & Co, Body Doubles, IKON, Mon Cherie, This is a Fawn, Bare Rose, Wet Cat, Purple Moon, Indyra Originals, E! Apparel & Accessories, elymode, Al Vulo, Lust Shapes, Vanity Hair, Curious Kitties, Manna, Lassitude & Ennui, RC Cluster, Ducknipple, Savoir Faire/Aphrodisiac, *Anymore, DCD, BOOM, Lisp Bazaar, Flowey, La Petite Morte, Contraption, HOD, Divalicious, Ego Co, MINA Hair, RnB Furniture, Kinki Animations, Medley, Faerycat Designs, By Snow, Insatiable Designs, Essences, ANNA Shapes, Delusions/Sweet Tart, Sakide, Nzuri, {me} Jewelry, Pulse Skins, CoLLisions, HANDverk, Chop Zuey, Alter Ego, SAX Shepard Designs, Blacklace, Bent, Amarelo Manga, Laura Hurley Skins, The Sea Hole, Toki-Doki, Mela’s, La Galleria, Culprit, Censored, Art Dummy, Zibska/Zibware, Razorblade Jacket,. Chandelle Designs, Ana-Mations, Prodigal, Wasabi Pills, Fri.Day, Holli Pocket, Liquid Honey, Don’t Freak Out, Tutti Fruitti, Ever an Angel, cHelle, Shush, Adorkable, Virtual Insanity, Avisage, Blah, A and S Visions, Gorean Rose, Zwicked Textures, Candydoll, Burner Engine Works, Adoration Home and Gardens and many more!

One Voice Continue reading “One Community, ONE VOICE”

UPDATE on Gala Phoenix

It’s been a month since we’ve heard from Gala Phoenix of CURIO and today, she breaks the silence by releasing a statement on CURIO’s website. Click this link to read her post.

And here is a part of her statement explaining the fundraiser:

Curio is my primary source of income, and without it, I’m barely able to get by, much less afford $20,000 for a court case in another country. However, Curio is also a labor of love, and I will not just sit back and let a competitor’s lies and malice rob me of it.

From July 9 – July 16, 2012, a number of extremely generous content creators will be holding a fundraiser in-­world at Truth District on my behalf. I cannot express the depth of my gratitude for them, and for any SLers who come out and donate to my fight. I will also be putting up an IndieGoGo campaign to raise some money.

I know I’m asking a lot. $20,000 is a massive amount of money. But even a little bit helps, and maybe we can stand up against someone who is abusing a system that is supposed to protect us all.