052. Past, Present, Future

052. Past, Present, Future
[HAIR] SF Collection #2 by DOUX
[HAT] Tobe by LODE
[DRESS] Hexe Dress by HAUNTEDCASTLE at The Coven
[COAT] Secession Shoulder Fur by titzuki
[SHOES] Coven Ankle Boots and socks by REIGN
[BAG] Hexe Bag by HAUNTEDCASTLE at The Coven
[COLLAR] Lust.Choker by Mossu (gift at Fetish Fair)
[NECKLACE] Swear Dia De Muertos Charm Necklace by L&B
[EYESHADOW & LIPSTICK] Extreme Gloss & Glitter by DeeTaleZ for Powder Pack Catwa July

[POSE] Risoto by La Baguette
[SET] vibe by /anxiety/

051. Test Shot

051. Test Shot
Playing with the Black Dragon viewer.

[HAIR] Sei by [monso] at FaMESHed
[OUTFIT] Holograholic by Moon Amore
[SHOES] Garter Platform Sneakers by AsteroidBox at Prismagica
[COLLAR] Lust Choker by Mossu at Fetish Fair
[EYESHADOW] ShimShadows by Wednesday[+] at Prismagica
[LIPSTICK] Nude Collection Lipsticks by Wednesday[+] at Prismagica
[TATTOO SLEEVES] Moonlight Revenge by CURELESS[+]
[TATTOO LEGS]  Solstitium by Dysphoria

[BACKDROP] Illusion III by MINIMAL at The Epiphany
[POSE] Catana by La Baguette